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Re-establishing livelihoods, rebuilding lives

At Deakin CREATE, we dare to dream of a world where all people from a refugee background have access to education and employment, no matter where they were born or what circumstances they come from. It is our mission to play a key role in helping to re-establish livelihoods and rebuild lives for people from a refugee background.

The fact that refugees have made their way to Australia despite war, persecution and prejudice demonstrates that they have courage, resilience, determination and commitment – qualities needed in any society.

CREATE is building a number of nationwide education and employment programs, based on insights gained from world-leading research. Through building this critical evidence base of what works – and what doesn’t – we partner in delivering practical insights and programs with government, service providers, educational institutions, and employers across the nation to help them help refugees to forge future careers and serve their communities.

If you share our passion for making a long-term difference to the lives of refugees and the communities they seek to call home, please consider joining us in our mission of change.

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Additionally, there are a number of different ways you can contribute to the work we lead:

  • Consider supporting Deakin Sanctuary Scholarships, which enable people from a refugee background to access life-changing education.
  • Consider supporting CREATE Refugee Career Clinics, which deliver practical, career-focused and mentor-supported workshops that assist people from a refugee background in finding meaningful employment.

If you’re interested in having a conversation with us about your support, please contact Venesa Djouma at Deakin Advancement.

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