Careers Clinics

Careers Clinics for People from a Refugee Background

Deakin CREATE is running free career clinics for refugee or asylum-seeker or newly arrived people from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds to re-establish their careers and find meaningful employment in Australia. 

How to participate in a Careers Clinic

If you would like to participate in the clinic as either a mentor or mentee, please see the appropriate links below.

MENTEES (person from a refugee or asylum-seeking backgrounds):

Register as a mentee


Register as a mentor

There is no charge to attend the clinics. However, please ensure you have access to the appropriate technology to participate (e.g. internet connection, computer or smartphone).

Deakin CREATE / NCI CAREER CLINICS 2022/2023 For Women From a Migrant & Refugee Background


Deakin CREATE offers Career Guidance and Support Clinics For women from a migrant or refugee background. Our clinics are running in Queensland, NSW, ACT, South Australia, West Australia, Tasmania, North Territory & Victoria. We assist migrant, refugee, and asylum seeker women to develop networks and learn how to find meaningful employment in Australia. We recognize that while you may be highly qualified,  keen to build up your career,  that your qualifications and experiences may not be readily recognized in Australia. We try to bridge that gap and provide you with a highly experienced network through our Mentor-Mentee Program.

How to participate as a MENTOR & MENTEE in the NCI 2022-2023 Women Careers Clinic Program?


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