Careers Clinics

Careers Clinics for People from a Refugee Background

Our Careers Clinics have been designed to help those from a refugee background to navigate and gain a greater understanding of the employment landscape in Australia. We work with people from a refugee background to identify career pathways; we give them the tools to build their networks as well as assisting in sourcing employment opportunities, to prepare job applications, resumes, cover letters, and responses to key selection criteria. Our Careers Clinic program is based on a mentor-mentee program. The Mentor (someone with experience in the Australian employment landscape) and mentee (person from a refugee background) work together to explore pathways to meaningful employment for the mentee.

How to participate in a Careers Clinic

If you would like to participate in the clinic as either a mentor or mentee, please see the appropriate links below.

MENTEES (person from a refugee background):

Register as a mentee


Register as a mentor

There is no charge to attend the clinics. However, please ensure you have access to the appropriate technology to participate (e.g. internet connection, computer or smartphone).

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