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Predicting employee attitudes to workplace diversity from personality, values, and cognitive ability.

Anglim, J., Sojo, V., Ashford, L. J., Newman, A., & Marty, A. (2019) Journal of Research in Personality, 83, 1-14.

Disrupting assumptions about graduate employability: Exploring culturally and linguistically diverse university students’ graduate capitals in Australia.

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Intercultural management in practice: Learning to lead diverse global organizations.

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How do immigrant family businesses achieve global expansion? An embeddedness perspective.

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Labour force participation and employment of humanitarian migrants: Evidence from the Building a New Life in Australia longitudinal data.

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English skills and early labour market integration: Evidence from humanitarian migrants in Australia.

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Refugee externalisation policies: Responsibility, legitimacy, and accountability.

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Supporting (or not) the career development of culturally and linguistically diverse migrants and refugees in universities: Insights from Australia.

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Widening university access for students of asylum-seeking backgrounds: (Mis)recognition in an Australian context.

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Qualitative interviewing in the field of work and organisational psychology: Benefits, challenges, and guidelines for researchers and reviewers.

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Embracing social inclusion?: The asylum seeker experience of applying for admission to tertiary education in Australia.

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Social capital and the career adaptability of refugees.

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Refugee recruitment and workplace integration: An opportunity for human resource management scholarship and impact.

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Employer engagement in active labour market programmes: The role of boundary spanners.

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Employers’ recruitment of disadvantaged groups: Exploring the effect of active labour market programme agencies as labour market intermediaries.

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‘What about me?’: An analysis of employers’ engagement with employment service providers in Australia.

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Rethinking the ethical and methodological dimensions of research with refugee children.

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Drone-Cinema, Data Practices, and the Narrative of IHL.

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Predictive technologies and opaque epistemology in counterterrorism decision-making.

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Can rights discourse diminish support for displaced persons?

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Australian Sudanese and South Sudanese youths’ perspectives on the youth/parent relationship and its influence on the transition to adulthood.

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‘You’re judged a lot’: Australian Sudanese and South Sudanese youths’ perspectives on their experiences in public spaces.

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‘She just saw me – she didn’t teach me’: The perspectives of Australian Sudanese and South Sudanese youth on the student/teacher relationship in Australian schools.

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‘Eighteen just makes you a person with certain privileges’: The perspectives of Australian Sudanese and South Sudanese youths regarding the transition to adulthood.

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Perspectives on negative media representations of Sudanese and South Sudanese youths in Australia.

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Regional responses to refugees: Insights from Asia.

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Career guidance for culturally and linguistically diverse migrants and/or refugees.

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Vocational behavior of refugees: How do refugees seek employment, overcome work-related challenges, and navigate their careers?

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Openness to experience and the career adaptability of refugees: How do career optimism and family social support matter?

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Mediating role of psychological capital in the relationship between social support and wellbeing of refugees.

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The effects of diversity climate on the work attitudes of refugee employees: The mediating role of psychological capital and moderating role of ethnic identity.

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Boat people and the entrenchment of exclusion.

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Acknowledging the head, heart, hands, and feet: Research with refugees and people seeking asylum in higher education.

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Activating the ‘ideal jobseeker’: Experiences of individuals with mental health conditions on the UK Work Programme.

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Addressing and regulating bias: Law and management practice.

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An introduction to employer engagement in the field of HRM. Blending social policy and HRM research in promoting vulnerable groups’ labour market participation.

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Unsettling equity frames in Australian universities to embrace people seeking asylum.

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Recognition and precarious mobilities: The experiences of university students from a refugee background.

Webb, S., Dunwoodie, K., Wilkinson, J., Macaulay, L., Reimer, K., & Kaukko, M. (2021) International Review of Education, 67(6), 871-894.

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