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The Deakin Centre for Refugee Employment, Advocacy, Training and Education (CREATE) aims to build knowledge and understanding of how best to support people from a refugee background to rebuild their careers after leaving their home country through obtaining meaningful employment and accessing vocational training and education. The centre works closely with non-governmental and governmental organizations to develop practical solutions which support refugee integration into the workplace and the vocational and higher education sectors, as well as advocate on behalf of the refugee community to foster policy changes that support such integration.

The research centre undertakes the following activities:

  • Develops innovative research projects that improve understanding of how to support people from a refugee background to access education and training, and obtain employment.
  • Undertakes research-informed training and education programmes that support refugees to re-establish their careers.
  • Undertakes advocacy on behalf of the refugee community to instigate changes in government policy which reduce the barriers faced by refugees in obtaining employment and accessing education.
  • Holds workshops where academics, policy makers and representatives from non-governmental organizations can discuss issues related to refugee employment, training and education.
  • Runs career clinics to provide people from a refugee background with career advice.

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